New generation technology
investment arm of Gözde Private Equity

Gözde Tech Ventures


Established in 2022, Gözde Tech Ventures is the new generation technology investment arm of Gözde Private Equity aiming to escalate Gözde Private Equity's exposure to technology investments in Turkey and abroad. Gözde Tech Ventures funds innovative start-ups with high-growth potential and demonstrated traction that have proprietary technology, agility, and capability to assess new business models and opportunities leading the global technological transformation.

With the experienced investment team members and the track record and know-how of Yıldız Holding and Gözde Private Equity, Gözde Tech Ventures participates in early-stage to Series A+ rounds of companies with a proven product market fit, technology and scalability.

Gözde Tech Ventures deploys capital in various verticals ranging from financial technologies, e-commerce, software as a service to gaming, blockchain, artificial intelligence and aims to nurture, guide, and strengthen new ventures that need financing on their path to growth, supporting the entrepreneurs that will lead the ecosystem with their business initiatives and technologies.


Turkey's first cloud based / SaaS platform specialized in HR management for SMEs and enterprises
US-based temperature control brand and technology platform that produces the world's first temperature control mug
US-based technology platform that produces the world's first sustainable smart cold chain solutions
US-based natural food ingredients producer specializing in sustainable and healthy fat/flavor systems


Yahya Ülker

Executive Chairman / Investment Committee Member

Erman Kalkandelen

Board Member / Investment Committee Member*

Levent Sipahi

Board Member / Investment Committee Member

Fezal Okur Eskil

Board Member / Investment Committee Member


Ecem Altıok

Investment Director

Zeynep Ünal

Senior Associate

Ekin Çoban



Alican Akyüz

Investment Director*

Mustafa Aydemir

Investment Director*

Mehmet Sayın

Investment Director*

Değer Atay

Investment Director*

Kerem Kader

Senior Associate*

Damla Yıldız

Senior Associate*

Atahan Uçar

Senior Associate*
*Franklin Templeton advisory members.



Kısıklı Mahallesi Ferah Caddesi No: 1 34692 Büyük Çamlıca/İstanbul